Saturday, August 30, 2008

So it's like this

I've actually been rather busy, but, also, our modem crapped out. We had to have our provider come and replace our outdated one with a brand spanking new one. Then our router was being a bitch, but Justin tricked it and our 48 some odd hours of no internet was over. Justin worked from home Monday and Tuesday and about 1 p.m, Tues we lost he went for a bike ride.

Then I was just busy transporting kids to and from school, lunch dates, dinner dates and mall cruising for Halloween outfits, among other things- Did you know that Spencer's IN THE MALL sells vibrators? MmmK. I don't recall there being an adult section in there when I was a teenager. My how times have changed OR I WAS really naive...

Mallory skinned her knees multiple times this week. Ouchy black gravel in the wound type skinning. Ava's best friend Sydney's brother, Austin, is in Mallory's preschool and he tells his mom that Mallory is HIS best friend. Austin and Mallory were holding hands as we walked to our cars one day after school. SOOO adorable!

While the internet was down I cleaned our best I could.

I really enjoyed Barack's speech Thursday night. One friend said the next day, "Well he promised the WORLD last night..." and I screamed, silently in my head only, "BUT 8 IS ENOUGH!!!" Unless McCain "promises" the same things there really is no sane reason to vote for him... IN MY OPINION... I AM tired of the good ol' boy frat party we've had in office for the past 8 years. I am tired of large corporations and the rich mattering MORE than a hard working middle class American. *shrug* I am tired of being lied to. Ready for change.


Anonymous said...

AMEN sister!!!


Anonymous said...

ITA about the election. What part of the past 8 years makes so many say "heck yeah, sign us up for FOUR more" ????