Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Day After Thanksgiving

Sorry it's been so long since I've written. After being sick for so long with the cough virus in September and October, it has taken me awhile to play catch up around here and THEN this Monday I got Strep far I am the only one to have gotten it. Justin had to come home from work early Monday because I was dizzy and nauseous and oh yah, I felt like I was swallowing sandpaper. Tuesday he stayed home as well (got to be the girls' chauffer for a couple days...) I went to the dr and started antibiotics. I STILL have one spot on the right side of my throat that is painful. We did have Thanksgiving yesterday and had a great time at my parents house. A few highlights of the day:
At the dinner table Mallory was hitting her head/face area and someone pointed it out by asking her if she liked hurting herself and she responded, "I like Pain." We all laughed super hard at that.
Then after the girls were done eating they got out my mom's homemade playdough and made playdough cookies for us. After awhile the adults were making things with the was pretty fun!

The girls are really enjoying their dance classes and their recital is on December 15th. Mallory's Winter program is on the 16th and I haven't heard anything about Ava's.

On Election Day, Ava's class took a field trip to Miller Farm way up in Platteville, CO. They had a blast and her teacher said that all the kids fell asleep...not fell asleep...PASSED OUT on the bus ride home. The kids brought home a ton of HUGE onions, potatoes and beets. Ava got her own little pumpkin...which was so exciting for her.

In October, Ava started having homework. They are currently reading the Jack and Annie series and learning about Egypt. Last Friday her class wrapped themselves up in toilet paper like mummies. They are also working on sounding out words and then writing them. I think she is excelling in math.

Mallory's school conference revealed that she is on target and "popular." I think though that that means she plays with everyone- girls AND boys. There is a little boy from Turkey in her class that she likes to drive around on the tricycle.

I decided to take the girls' bunkbed down. The 3 ladies of the house were all for it, but Justin...not so much...maybe because he was the one who had to deconstruct it. LOL Anyway, I bought new beautiful butterfly bedspreads for them and they have their dresser between their beds with their own individual teapot lamps that a dear friend gave us. They love to sit in their beds and read books before going to sleep. Next up: get rid of the dark green paint and lighten and brighten their room. It's going to be quite the chore. I put the bedspreads on while they were watching a movie one day after school and when they discovered them they were ecstatic. I love watching them get so excited like that.

One day in November after school, Mallory buried her brand-new cute pink and gray plaid ballet flat shoes in the sand on the playground. I went back with a shovel and tried to find them, but it's definitely a lost cause. She cannot remember WHERE she buried them. We know the general area, but she must have gotten them deeeeep down there. *SIGH*

Monday, Ava's school had "Pajama and Crazy Hair Day":

I am not sure when we are going to get a tree...hopefully sometime this weekend, but Justin has a lump in his throat that hurts when he swallows...the beginning of a chest cold perhaps. He took some Mucinex so hopefully that will help. I swear this year has been bad for us as far as illnesses...with the girls in school picking up all of these new and nasty germs! I know it will get better as they get older and immune to all the bugs. We won't have to put up any outside lights because they are still up there from last year! D'oh!

One of my new favorite sites on the web: Puppy Cam!

I made this cute wood Snowmen family:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finally proud to be an American again...

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk;
Martin walked so Obama could run;
Obama ran so our children could FLY"

I can't tell you how RELIEVED that there will not be 4 more years of the same 8 we just endured. Clearly, America spoke and THANKFULLY our democratic election WORKED!

In other news:
A certain airline canceled our flight to AZ and put us on an earlier one. While not life-threatening, it did kind of put a kink in our schedule. We are attending Q's wedding this weekend and while it will be fun to socialize and help them celebrate, Justin and I are looking to relax and kind of celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, which is next Monday. Our marriage survived the Bush administration- only because Justin and I are on the same team... LOL

The girls had a wonderful Halloween weekend with Grandma Judy. The weather was beautiful. Now they are looking forward to a weekend with my parents.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008