Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First day of School

Kindergarten for Ava

Preschool for Mallory

Ava has been gone for 3 hours already... There are a few kids from her preschool that are in her class, including Sydney who she was also in dance with and liked a lot. Also, a little boy named Bryson from around the corner. I hung out with his mom for awhile back when he was little, but his mom & dad split up and she moved down south...he went to preschool by her residence and is now here for Kindy. Cool. I always liked all of them.

Mallory and I will head out the door after we finish lunch.

I have already been twice as productive this morning as I have been in a looong time. Yea me. LOL

Will post pictures I took this morning in Flickr when I get back from taking Mallory...


Wendy P said...

Wow, school has already started!? What are you going to do with all your "me" time?! :-) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hope the girls love school. :)


Amy said...

So far, so good!!