Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nothing Major to Talk About

Ava says school makes her tired- especially when she is there ALL day.

Mallory's teacher says she won't say but 2 words. She already has a "best friend"- a girl named Sarah.

Ava constantly talks about her friend Sydney- Sydney this and Sydney that and Mallory talks about Sarah this and Sarah that. Too cute!

We are having some difficulty getting the girls to bed. It took Ava almost 2 hours to give in to sleep last night.

Ava's bed wetting has pretty much stopped since she FINALLY started going #2 almost every day. This has been a year long saga...and I am just so glad she decided to quit holding it. Makes many lives so much happier.

It is so cute when I pick up Mallory. All of the kids are sitting in the middle of the room on a rug with their backpacks and they can't get up until someone is there to pick them up. It's the same preschool as Ava went to, but they seem much more organized this year. Last year they mixed the all day kids with the preschool kids and preschool was only in the morning. This year they have one room which is ONLY all day kids and then the other room for morning and afternoon school sessions.

Justin is biking to work this week and next because he gave up his parking space for the DNC. Due to the rain and his cold he hasn't been able to bike for a week and is worried he's getting out of shape.

2 comments: said...

Finding new friends is major!

Wendy P said...

Justin...out of shape! There's nothing to him! :-)