Monday, August 18, 2008

House of Pain

Ava is home sick, but of course feels better NOW...oh well. Mallory doesn't have school on Mondays. Justin stayed home because he has what they have. I have had nausea and stuff for 2 days, so I'm not in the best of shape either...

Last night Ava was practically beside herself that she probably wouldn't be going to school today, yet at the same time she was in pain and had a temp of 101.5. She was cold and miserable, so we put her to bed. She woke every half hour to hour wailing in pain. Ok, maybe not wailing, but crying out. When I'd go in their room she'd have her eyes closed so I'd quietly sneak out and let her sleep.

Think I'll make a Spaghetti Pie tonight for dinner. I have most of the ingredients, which is rare.

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Wendy P said...

Summer colds are no fun. Get well wishes to your household! Hailey has that same crap right now...**crossing my fingers** that I don't catch it.