Monday, May 12, 2008


The girls and I had quite an adventure on Saturday. After eating lunch we headed on over to Tarjay. I did not have a list...and not having a list is bad. Having a list is bad too, so you can see how NOT having one at all is...worse. I bought a few new things for the house- a new duvet cover- white-ish, a new kitchen rug (I swear I go through them so fast). I also got food and presents and a few things for myself (for Mother's Day we'll say). And for anyone who waits until the day before a holiday to find a card for that holiday...well you'll know that it's a mob and finding a card that is suitable from the picked over selection is nothing short of a miracle. I had 2 cards to buy on Saturday and I thought they were pretty good cards- I put thought into their selection. Anyway...after our hour and a half shopping spree we checked out and headed home. My nose was a fountain and I was looking forward to the nasal decongestant I had just bought. So which bag did I not end up at home with? The one with the CARDS and the DECONGESTANT and the few things I bought for myself for being such an awesome mom. I have never not been handed an ENTIRE bag at checkout...sure the checker or bagger has failed to BAG a certain small overlooked item...but to not be given a bag....UGH. I had no choice but to get the girls' shoes back on and strap them back in their car seats for my mad dash back to the store. None of us felt good...I had that sickly sweaty feeling that you get between the times you have the chills. This was the LAST thing I wanted to do...but it was at least 15 dollars worth of stuff I had bought and wasn't able to call my own.
Once there we went to the same lane we checked out of and of course there was a different checker. No problem though. She sorted through the multitude of bags that were set aside...the ones paying customers didn't pick up...or is it that the checker's aren't giving us our stuff?????? It seemed mighty suspicious to me that there were THAT many bags an hour after I left and mine wasn't there. We then ventured over to Guest Services. I like how they now call us Guests instead of Customers. LOL The lady that helped was nice and she had a manager come over and he instructed me to go and pick up what I didn't go home with and meet him back at the counter. They told me that the stuff had probably already been re-shelved. WOW. Not even an hour later and they were already putting the stuff back to make more money. I could tell that the stuff had been put back too...funny. We went to get the cards first and I found the one for my dad, but the one for my was no where in the area where I originally picked it from. Frustrated, and sweaty, I ended up grabbing another one that was a little higher in price...the manager would just have to figure it out... We got the rest of the stuff and walked back past the card area and I decided to have one more look for the card. I found it...and lost Mallory at the same time. She had wandered off with another family. She was walking along holding onto their cart. When I finally spotted her the mom and dad were looking around for me- aka the person responsible for her. Sheesh kid!
Sunday was a better day. We hung out at a park with my parents and had a lunch, played and talked. I took some pictures- check them out. The girls were still tired from the day this morning and didn't want to get out of bed. Neither did I, but Ava had school. I think we are just going to take it easy today...go outside for a bit after lunch. This cold just won't leave!

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