Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yesterday there was an incident with chocolate milk spillage on clothes that was predicted and then surprise by Ava that we were frustrated after the warning didn't heed the prevention. *sigh* Justin was the one who was more visibly upset about the whole thing. I was just sitting there on the couch shaking my head, but I was the one who was told by Mallory that Ava told her to tell me that she "hated me."

I decided to purchase this cross-stitch kit the other day when I was at the craft store. I think the last time I cross-stitched was 25 years ago... I completely messed up the border because I didn't understand what "ply" meant in regards to the thread. The directions weren't exactly for amateurs, but I took apart what I goofed up and started over.

It was gloomy and rainy out yesterday so we all just stayed inside doing our own things. It's the same weather today, so I plan on doing a bit of cleaning and then relaxing. I already have our chicken and vegetables in the crockpot for chicken noodle soup.

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