Monday, May 19, 2008

Back to Normal

Justin is back from Italy. My sense of smell and taste is slowly coming back. The cat will now sit on my lap when I watch t.v. (she avoided me while Justin was gone...weird).

I did have an awful panic attack on the way to the airport yesterday. I had to pull over on the interstate. I've never had to pull over before. I am sure it was triggered by the nasal decongestant I was taking. Stupid nasal decon. All week either my nose was a sore fountain, but I could maybe taste a bit of whatever I was eating OR I took a nasal decongestant and didn't have to have a tissue handy all the time, but then I couldn't taste anything. And don't even get me started about the pain. I STILL have facial pain, but since I can taste I don't feel like running to the doctor. It feels better and I have faith it will go away. if by Thursday I still feel the same I will call and make an appointment.

Justin brought some chocolates home for the girls and the hotel gave him this bottle of brown semi-thick liquid. We have no idea what it is...the label doesn't offer any I guess we have to open it and taste.

5 more days of school left for Ava...and I think 3 more dance lessons until her recital. I hope everything goes ok with that since I won't be here...

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Poppa Dave said...

Maybe the brown liquid is coffee?