Saturday, May 17, 2008

They should be exhausted

Busy day today. The kids were up at 7:30 sharp...sneaking in our bedroom to check on me. I made scrambled eggs, sausage patties and cinnamon rolls for breakfast- this I could taste.
My dad came over and I left for my meeting. The person who was supposed to bring the topic and lead the discussion called me and left a message saying she wasn't going to make it. Apparently she also called our moderator, but didn't leave a message...kind of odd. We made do - as women never seem to run out of things to jabber about. LOL
I came home and my mom and dad were making the girls' lunch. I ran to the store to get some cash while my mom looked through Ava's preschool stuff- basically a folder of things she worked on over the year to track her progress that I got at her conference. After lunch they watched the Sleeping Beauty dvd my dad re-burned for them. I ate some leftover Chinese which I could barely taste and then talked to Justin as he roamed the streets of Milan. LOL He was trying to find some sort of souvenir for me and he and his co-worker went into this store that was like Pier One...neat stuff, but they started picking stuff up and discovered it was all "Made in China" and "Made in USA." Oh well... He has some Belgian chocolates from the plane ride to give to the girls.
When Sleeping Beauty was over we walked over to Ava's school for their Spring Fling. They decorated crowns, jumped in the bouncy castle and had their faces painted. Ate a cookie and got a free book each. I talked to a few women that I see when I take Ava to school...and now I am thinking I might join PTA next year.
I splurged and got Mc D's for dinner and the girls wanted to watch Sleeping Beauty again. They should be ready for bed after their bath.
Here's hoping my face pain doesn't keep me awake again tonight.

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