Sunday, May 4, 2008

Great Day

Yesterday I had the greatest day. Attended my WFS meeting and had a great conversation about the differences in programs/treatment for alcoholics and how ridiculous it is to say a person cannot be in an intensive outpatient treatment program if they are drinking. Basically you have to stop drinking in order to get help....the very thing you are in treatment for- to stop drinking. Anorexics aren't told they have to be eating normally in order to be in treatment to eat normally... The reason I love the program I am involved in, WFS, is because it focuses on Self-Help. You change your life with the help of other women. It has none of the moral and "you are weak" stuff the "other" program least from my understanding of it. I am not saying it's all bad as I know it's helped people, but I just know it's not for me. Anyways, after the meeting, I joined 4 other women from the group for lunch at a yummy Italian restaurant. They had the BEST pizza. We will definitely have to get take-out from there some Friday. When we sat down the waiter said there was a wine special- 15 bottles of wine for 15 dollars. We all started laughing super hard and said no thanks. Of course once our laughter dispersed we realized that the wine was not a dollar a bottle...that would be insane, but every alcohol abusers DREAM.

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