Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What gorgeous weather we are having! We spent a good chunk of time outside today. Once again, my girls are like boys- getting really dirty- and I am continually amazed at their imaginations. My allergies are raging though. I took some generic (Claritin knock-off) 24 hour thing and I can't tell if it's helping. My nose is stuffy AND runny and I woke up this morning with an extremely dry mouth due to sleeping with my mouth open. Charming I was not.

Our neighbor came over around 12:20, when we were in the front yard, asking if his kids could play over here... fine whatever. He then told me he was going to work on his car....sooooo he basically wanted me to watch his kids so he could dink around. I told him we were going inside at 1 to eat lunch so I took his kids back over to his house at that time. Is he going to do that ALL summer? *sigh*

Justin gets to go to Belgium and Italy in May...I guess I shouldn't say "gets to" as he is not super happy at his job right now. :(


Jennifer said...

We just saw a movie that took place in Belgium. It made me want to go! I told Scot we should plan a European trip, and he suggested Turkey or Israel. Not what I was thinking at all! lol

Anonymous said...

Does your neighbor have a job?


Amy said...

He has had about a million jobs, but it doesn't seem like he currently has one.