Wednesday, April 9, 2008

easier and free

It is easier to post stuff using this program. Before I had to save and then open another program to upload it to the internet. Here though, I just write and push "Publish Post" and it's immediate. Easy.

Today I heard from someone that Ava's school got funding for all day FREE Kindergarten. News to me. Apparently there will not even be half day kindergarten...hmmm... Not sure I was ready to have her gone that long so soon, but she will probably be thrilled to find out she gets to eat lunch at school a year earlier than we thought. Of course, I will believe it completely when I get the information from the school...until then I will take it as gossip/a rumor...although I have good sources. ;)

Justin has a cold. I've felt blech ill since Sunday- my taste buds are all screwy. Nothing tastes like it should and then food just sits in my stomach all hard and stuff. Annoying. The girls seem to be in good health. *knock on wood* With MY luck, I will get the cold as soon as I set foot in Florida. Ava is excited that Justin will be taking her to and picking her up from school next Friday.

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Jennifer said...

Wow, that is surprisig about kindergarten! There is a rumor that all schools are trying to get a grant for free all-day kindergarten. We'll see if it happens for Declan. At least he will be older when he's in kindergarten, so hopefully it wouldn't be too hard for him.