Saturday, April 5, 2008

Life is Good

Ava had a great week at school. Each time I dropped her off she would choose an activity, go to the activity after quickly hugging me and not look back. Big improvement over the misty eyed goodbyes of a month ago. I hung around or peeked through the window and saw one particular girl hugging and talking to her. Awww...made my heart melt! The same girl is in her dance class and I saw them holding hands and stuff when they were in line to run and leap...
We grilled steaks for Justin's birthday dinner last night, accompanied by shrimp, twice baked potatoes, and asparagus. I threw in a chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert.
Today I am going to my weekly meeting and the rest of the crew should be picking up/cleaning the house while I am gone. Jill, Curt & Co. are coming over for dinner this evening... Justin wants to go on a bike ride and a trip to the grocery store will be needed...but Mallory has been banned from all errands for the indefinite future. She threw 2 tantrums yesterday. This really puts a crimp in my activities...but I am tired of dealing with her issues in public like that.
At Ava's preschool yesterday a woman and I were discussing our 2nd children who will be attending the school next year and how it is our 2nd kids who are the wilder ones...we both agreed that we feel sorry for the teachers...we'll have to give them REALLY awesome gifts for Christmas and Teacher's Day...they will more than deserve whatever we get them. At least I don't have to worry that Mallory is the only spitfire next year... LOL

I am looking forward to my weekend trip to Tampa with Mom to attend Suzanne's baby shower in 2 weeks.

Life is good.


Wendy P said...

Oh yikes, please don't tell us that our 2nd child is going to be more of a spitfire than Hailey! Yikes,if so we are in for it! Hey, we'll be in Florida in 2 weeks also! Fort Myers area. How long you going to be there? Like the new website!

Anonymous said...

We are really looking forward to you coming down too! YEA!!!!