Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The girls are addicted to cheese sticks and gummies (fruit flavored chewy snacks).

I sunburned my chest yesterday...increasing my changes of chest skin cancer I guess. My face is quite sun-kissed as well. Oops.

This morning there were 2 ducks, who I am thinking had wandered up from the creek, in our front yard. It was an exciting 5 minutes for Mallory and the cats.

Going to grill brats for dinner tonight.

The girls current favorite show is The Land Before Time, which I keep getting mixed up with Land of the Lost. They role play: all the dinosaurs, all the time.

While Ava was at school, Mallory had to spend time in time out in her room. She managed to destroy the room. A Spit-Fire- that's Mallory. It was not o.k. for her to kick, hit and spit at me.

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