Friday, April 25, 2008

So on Wed. when Justin grilled the brats he came in from the backyard and said, "Guess whose kids I am watching again?" Our neighbor unloaded his kids on Justin while he puttered around his backyard. Uh NO... I am not good with confrontation or conflict so how am I supposed to deal with this taking advantage of ALL summer? So aggravating and wrong. The kids don't even interact.

I re-painted the doors and touched up the trim and certain places on the walls in the hallway yesterday. Everything is now one color. I wish we had normal non-painted wood doors, but I can't have everything my heart desires. Today I am going to wash our bedroom walls and possibly start painting. 2 years ago I picked out a different shade of tan to paint our room. It's about time I got on it.

Received Ava's class picture today. So darn cute. They spelled Ava's last name wrong. No, not putting an O where the E should be, rather they left out the U. Odd. doesn't matter.

I am hoping we can find and buy a bunk bed this weekend. It's supposed to be chilly on Saturday, so perhaps we can begin our mission when I get back from my meeting.

Not sure if the engineers of the family find humor in this video-

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