Friday, September 12, 2008


Student of the Month!!! It was a great breakfast and the turnout was actually pretty decent. The other student from her class who was chosen made it as well. While she was sitting there 2 older students came up and said hello to her- a girl who was her Book Buddy and a boy... Ava couldn't remember their names, but they knew hers. Then the girl gave her a hug as we were leaving. Another classmate of hers who is in the before school care gave her a hug in the hallway as we were making our way back outside. She is definitely liked.

Life in our household was pretty rough last night. Ava had an accident in the tub and was all upset, but I kept telling her that I wasn't mad. After I cleaned everything- including them again- I was able to get them in bed by 8:30. Mallory gave in to slumber about 9, but Ava was up until 10:30... I got in bed at 11 and was asleep before midnight. Ava was awake at 2 and 5. At 5 I just laid in a semi-comatose state until 6. I could have just not taken her early to the breakfast, but I think it's I am pretty sure I'll have one VERY tired Kindergartner later today.
It's raining cats and dogs today-- NICE!!


Judy Berceau said...

I am so proud of you Ava! Congratulations on being Student of the Month!!!!

Anonymous said...

AWww what a big girl. Sounds like she had a great day.