Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still Coughing up a Lung

and apparently a week long stomach flu is going around. Just Lovely. **knock on wood** **Cross Fingers & Toes**

Mallory's party will be this Saturday, *knock wood again*, and my friend and I went to this cool party store today to get stuff... So much stuff. And guess what I found-- My Tooth Treasure Chests. Does anyone remember those things? They are something that I never would have remembered until I saw them. So Cool! I bought 4... Ava still doesn't have any loose teeth though. And then the really weird thing is that when we picked up the kids a guy was walking with one of those because he had lost his tooth at school today.

Mallory would not walk from our car to Ava's door today and I could not carry her since I was carrying the Thursday Folders tub. A mom acquaintance of mine said she'd wait with her for me. I asked Mallory after she left if she knew who that was- Mallory was sitting on her lap on the and she said NO. Nice Stranger Danger...unless she did in fact hear the woman and I discuss it.

This morning the girls were fighting over a toy, sitting on the ground and Ava took both her feet and totally kicked Mallory in the chest. Then at school a kid hit Mallory in the lip with a toy. They said she cried pretty hard and they put ice on it. Poor kid didn't have a very good day...

A woman at MOPS today said they found a mass in her breast - she thought something was wrong, like clogged duct, because her 6 month old always rejected that breast. The first step is a mammogram. She is only 34. I keep hearing of all of these women, younger and younger that have breast cancer. So scary... Which reminds me I better call and make an appointment for a full physical.

Ava said she made Wizard hats at school today. I asked her why and she wouldn't/couldn't tell me.

I am glad our shows are starting to come back on. Last night we watched Gary Unmarried. It was pretty funny...standard, but not Horrible. Earl and the Office is on tonight. **rubbing hands together**

I slept in an upright position for half the night last night, but this time it was in our bed. Much more comfortable than the couch even if you aren't lying down.

2 weeks until 24 hours of Moab. Justin said he and his team need to ride in the dark some night to practice. Why does that make me nervous???? I might have a link so you can have a real time update on the race...

When I was at the doctors' office the physician assistant who helped me said as she handed me my prescriptions, "I wish I could write you a prescription for a babysitter!" LOL I love P.A.s..they are always the nicest people.


Jennifer said...

Owen lost two teeth in kindergarten, and now nothing else is even loose. I'm afraid they will all start coming loose at once now! My sister-in-law would be happy to hear your comments on P.A.'s, since that's what she does for a living.

Judy Berceau said...

I was wishing that I could go to Utah to see Justin but if you can get a link. Oh that would be like awsome.