Thursday, September 18, 2008

All the stuff you were wondering about and more...

I have been so busy that I haven't even thought of writing here. So here I am today...

Last Thursday Justin flew to Vegas for Q's bachelor party. They had many alcohol fueled late or would that be early mornings....and then sleeping in until noon.

Friday I met Jill for lunch- yummy Mexican food! I ate so much I thought I was going to be sick. I had a hard time sleeping Thursday night, so was suffering from lack of sleep also. That afternoon after school Mallory was sitting on our living room floor and was stung on the palm of her hand by a wasp. This is the 2nd time in 2 months that this has happened to her. Yes, we have had a big wasp problem in various areas around our house...

Saturday we met my mom and dad for lunch. The restaurant had Dirt Cake with these HUGE gummy worms for the girls' dessert. Then we went to the play "Hansel and Gretel" at Heritage Square. The girls got to go on stage, so that was neat for them. Mallory was the last one off the stage and had trouble finding her way back to where we were sitting. After the play we went to my parents' house and Mallory had a snack and then my mom and I took them to a park. Fun stuff. Friday night I had watched a documentary called "The Jaundiced Eye" so wanted something light and cheery for Saturday night, but by the time I got them to bed I was too tired to get off the couch...I listened to music on my computer with headphones and then went to bed.

Justin returned from Vegas around 2 something on Sunday and was extremely tired. He napped all day. The girls napped with him and watched some shows. I shut myself in the bedroom and watched a few episodes of QAF (Queer as Folk).

Monday, Mallory and I met Jennifer and Declan at a park. We brought their bikes and Mallory was having fun riding around when some older biker (teen) kid ran smack dab into her. She fell down and a lady ran over to her (we were on the other side of the playground, but could see her). The guy just kept riding his bike. The lady apologized profusely. She wasn't hurt and got right back up and rode away. Jennifer and I concluded that the guy on the bike was mentally disabled...makes sense because I mean who wouldn't stop and apologize? Anyway...they had a good time.

Tuesday, my friend Kara and I went to a few stores while all the kids were at school. Much needed food shopping. After dinner, my mom picked me up and we went to Avenue Q. Really liked it! We were in the nosebleed section though and for 2 people with a fear of heights the seats were not ideal.

Wednesday, I woke up with a scratchy throat and Mallory said she had a headache. We walked Ava to school. Mallory ate some yogurt and then spread it all over her legs...why?...don't ask me! So, I put her in the tub and she cleaned herself. She kept complaining that her head and eyes hurt. Took her temp and it was only not scary or anything. Gave her some Motrin for her headache and asked what she wanted for lunch. Made her lunch and she wouldn't I put her in bed. She laid there for half an hour, not really sleeping, but not really acting normal. I was then in the laundry room spraying some stains when she jumps into the kitchen yelling and scaring the crap out of me. She said she was she ate a whole bowl of macaroni and cheese, 3 chicken nuggets an entire apple and banana. 2 hours later we had to go pick up Ava and Mallory said she was too tired to I had to carry her. She again complained about her head and kept her head down most of the time, as if the sun was hurting her eyes. Her friend Alexander brought her a present...SO CUTE. He had a pair of purple, dangly princess earrings in a box with tissue paper. Mallory fell asleep in the 30 second car ride I put her on the loveseat where she slept for awhile. Justin came home early to meet his friends for a bike ride. I gave Mallory some medicine and not 5 minutes later she had puked. She slept for a little while after and then didn't want to sit on the couch anymore. Ever since then she's been acting completely normal. Could it have been a migraine? After we got the girls to bed we watched a movie that Justin had already seen on the flight to India earlier this year...and then I went and fell asleep... The day exhausted me. I was planning on getting to the store by myself to get Mallory's birthday present, but wasn't able today Kara, Ava, Sydney and I might go shopping and then maybe something else while the little ones are at school. Tomorrow everyone has the day off of school...

The girls already have their Christmas dresses. A friend gave me her daughter's dress from last year and then my mom got one for Mallory...of course they want to wear them NOW...

I am not sure what we'll do for Mallory's birthday- which is this Sunday. Maybe go out to dinner? Her party isn't until the following Saturday and I plan on bringing cookies or cupcakes to her school next Tuesday. Fun stuff. Ava, of course, is upset/jealous that it is not HER birthday. She dumped a bunch of crayons on the floor and pulled my books off the bookshelf to show her unhappiness. The thing is, Mallory is better at sharing stuff than Ava is, so she shouldn't get that upset. *SIGH*

I bought the girls these dollar calendars from a craft store awhile ago. Mallory owned the fairy one which means Ava was left with the monster one. I am sure you can imagine how that played out. Well, she's over it now... The calendars have pictures on every month that the girls can they've been working on those for a couple days.

Cute/funny things:

Ava asked me if she pooped every day would it prevent her from EVER getting sick (ie: vomiting). I had to break the bad news to her gently. She has such a fear of puke...even when it's other people or EVEN when we talk about it and no one is even sick.

Last night as I was making them a late half-ass dinner Ava looked out our kitchen window and saw the guy across the street mowing his lawn. She said, "Hey- someone is out there lawn mowing...and it's not even time for lawn mowing." I just thought it was cute. It WAS getting dark it was kinda odd.

Ava has this obsession with asking me if I like babies. The correct answer is no, according to her. I think she has this fear that I am going to have another one. *shrug* Ok, this isn't one of the cute things.

I bought Mallory her Tinkerbell candle for her cake and she already managed to break Tink's head off...Ooops... Poor Tink! Not really cute or funny.

I don't think I mentioned that a couple weeks ago Mo got out in the front yard when my mom came over and she started chasing a squirrel up a tree. I didn't have shoes on, so my mom ran out and got her down... I think she got scared the further up the tree she went. What an adventure for a housecat! She just wanted to play with the squirrel...yah right!

Alright- that is all that I can think of right now.

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Anonymous said...

Boy you have been busy. How fun for the girls to go on stage. Did they like the play?