Sunday, September 7, 2008

Aurora and Tink

Ava is going to be Sleeping Beauty and Mallory will be Tinkerbell for Halloween. They've already got their costumes and now we are counting down the days... 50 some odd days can't get here soon enough. For now, their outfits are hung in my closet so as not to get ripped or otherwise mutilated between now and October 31st. I am kind of getting in the spirit of things and have considered dressing up myself, but then I think Nah... I hope we have decent weather though.

Last week Justin was in Kansas and I attended the girls' Back to School night by myself. While he was on a bike ride yesterday I took A&M to the craft store to get some Halloween projects. They got some really cute stuff.

Our weekend was pretty run-of-the-mill. I need to start planning Mallory's birthday festivities.


Keri said...

Oh, you are one brave woman. I'm afraid to even utter the word 'halloween' because the kids go wild with anticipation.

Amy said...

They have been talking a bout this year's Halloween since 11/01/07.... *sigh*