Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What is Going On?

Summer stuff.

The girls slide into the swimming pool. They spent about 2 hours doing that yesterday and it was the first thing they wanted to do this morning. I cleaned out the breezeway and put their toy kitchen and little table out there. They were thrilled.

They have also befriended the 2 little girls that live across the street and one house over to the right. Yesterday we saw them riding their bikes (in the street with no helmets) when we came back from our errands (airport, car emissions and Costco). Ava & Mallory forgot about lunch- all they wanted to do was get to know these 2 girls. They live with their Grandma and great-aunt (?). I let them follow the girls up the street on their bikes IF and only IF I was in the street there with them. Mallory is slower (and the youngest of the bunch) so we were still on our way back home when I saw Ava & her two new friends RUN into our house. *sigh* It took about 10 minutes for me to get everyone out into the front yard. The older neighbor said that her sister told her grandma that they were over here. Well, I don't know about YOU, but I would never let my kids into someone's house that I didn't know quite well, let alone AT ALL. The grandma was in the street by their bikes and was mad at them for not coming home. From what I could tell, when the little one went to talk to her grandma the grandma said they needed to come inside because they had errands to run...but the little one ignored those instructions. The grandma didn't even acknowledge me and off they went. I was thinking....HMMMM.... So later on, before dinner, we were in the front watering flowers and they all drive by smiling and waving (the grandma)... This morning the neighbor girls were out on their bikes again, wanting to play. I feel weird about having them come over- even in our backyard if their guardians don't really seem to care. They don't KNOW me. Know what I mean? *shrug*

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