Monday, June 2, 2008

The Run Down

We have been busy- which is why I haven't written. I am taking a break from laundry to sit down for a minute.

Thursday was Ava's last day of school. Last night she still thought she would be going to school today. And then was overjoyed when we told her, again, that she won't go to school for a couple months. I think she likes school...I hope Kindergarten is fun for her...maybe she'll like it more when she goes everyday. *shrug*

Friday I spent the morning cleaning (and by Sunday no one would have been the wiser) and then we met friends at a park for a few hours in the afternoon. Poor Mallory is just not as fast as all the other kids on her bike...she got left behind and just sat and cried until I came over to see what was up.

Saturday morning we had Ava's dance pictures taken. We only did the group photo since we have the individual ones of Ava from her school...which I have not gotten in the mail to anyone yet. Doh! After that we went to a park near our house for a picnic with my WFS friends and their families/partners/dogs. I had a great time socializing outside of our normal meeting. Wonderful women. After that Justin went on a bike ride while I worked on my cross-stitch and the girls messed around outside. We were going to plant our seeds that we bought back in April, but there were juice spillage issues and poop problems and then I gave them popsicles and they forgot about it. I wasn't really in the mood anyway. The girls had way too many snacks so they didn't really eat much of our grilled hamburgers dinner. Oh well.

Sunday Justin made scrambled eggs and pancakes and the girls ate breakfast in the backyard. They were up before 7. And they've been going to bed later...I would have thought they'd sleep in a LITTLE. Justin went to Lowe's to get stuff to start working on our bathroom. While he did that I flew over to a couple stores. Half the trip wasn't too successful. I have had trouble sleeping all last week and into the weekend, so I was kind of feeling dizzy and out of sorts. Plus I just couldn't think and it didn't help that I didn't create and bring any sort of list. Duh. I need some sort of poncho rain gear. I guess I have a few days to get it all ready. I worked on my cross-stitch the rest of the afternoon while the girls rested and Justin got his hair cut. We did leftovers for dinner and Mallory wouldn't (couldn't) eat anything. I asked her if anything hurt...her tummy, her throat, her head, even her elbows and knees hurt. Hmmm... Took her temp and it was 102. Yikes. Tylenol and off to bed. We all slept soundly until around 5 a.m. when Miss Mallory woke up and had diarrhea. Lovely. Justin showered and left for the airport. At 8 a.m. Mallory told me she needed to throw up. Lovely. I positioned her on the couch with a bucket, water and My Little Pony. She threw up once and maybe twice- I am not sure as I had left the room for a second. She wanted to lie down, so I got her set up on the loveseat... Then she said she felt better and was hungry. Gave her a banana and she ate 3/4 of it. She was still hungry. Gave her some Wild Animal Crunch cereal...she ate 3 tiny bowls and 3/4 of a Pedialyte popsicle. So far has not puked again. Ava helped me clean a bit and fold laundry this morning.

Please cross your fingers that Mallory is truly better and that no one else gets it, especially since Justin is in Kansas until tomorrow night, Ava has her dance rehearsal and recital this Thurs and Fri. and that I will be in Pennsylvania Thurs-Monday....

I guess that is it from our household.

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