Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back in the Land of Laundry and Sweetness

The sweetness is from Ava & Mallory. Oh boy did they miss me. A Lot. Apparently Mo did too...she walked around making this sickly meow sound the entire time I was gone. Goofball!

I had the most phenomenal time at the WFS annual conference. I am glad to be back, but I also feel like the it should have been longer. I am still in processing mode- remembering conversations and all of the wonderful women I met. I feel energized and it was definitely the best thing to give my self-esteem the boost it needed. The biggest thing I walked away with was that I am not just o.k., but AMAZING. I met so many amazing women of strength from all walks of life. Friday night we had the "opening ceremony." We passed around a microphone and had to introduce ourselves and tell as much or as little about ourselves as we wanted to. Each woman was vigorously applauded every time. I was nervous and scared on the journey there...and even once I actually walked in the room with all of these strangers...it was overwhelming actually, but everyone was so friendly and accepting and even though we all came from different places, we are all the same. It was a powerful weekend. I learned a lot about myself - cried and laughed...oh did I laugh until I had tears streaming down my eyes. Glad to be home. And also glad that Justin doesn't have to travel tomorrow for a week like we thought he was going to. Whew...

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Judy Berceau said...

Sounds like a rewarding experience and well worth the trip.