Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Talked to Justin this morning. He was about to go to bed and I was telling him the weather forecast for Wednesday and he was all confused because he had just finished his Wednesday. He is in Nanking right now.
He was telling me bathroom and food stories. They were in an office building and the place where you go #2 is a hole in the ground...much like the Turkish toilets (as they were called) I used in Kazakhstan. Poor Justin. And then there wasn't any toilet paper. Apparently the companies who rent offices there supply their own t.p. but he couldn't find any...had to grab some kleenex and luckily he brought hand sanitizer with him as there wasn't any soap.
Then the food- for the most part they've eaten "normal" food- like Mexican, pizza, Brazilian and even went to an Irish restaurant for a Guinness... They had one traditional Chinese meal...with a bunch of different things on a Lazy Susan in the middle of the table. Shrimp with the tails and heads still on. Boiled chicken feet that resembled human fingers. Ducks Blood that wasn't liquid and resembled liver- he thought it was liver... Of course the hosts wanted them to try everything, but they stuck to what they knew...or thought they knew...I hope!

Ava has today-Friday off from school for the mini-break. Mallory has Thurs/Fri off... Today we went to the mall and Ava rode on the carousel in the food court. We need to go to Petsmart today... Tomorrow we don't have plans, but Friday we are going to go check out this huge tree on the Regis campus and hopefully Sunday go to this special Wizard of Oz event at the Butterfly Pavillion.

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Keri said...

omg, congealed duck blood. ACK!!!