Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rainy and Relaxing Saturday...I hope...

Good Morning!

The girls slept in until 9 this morning because we didn't get home until 11 last night. They had a good time with my parents and were VERY well behaved at the pizza party. I was sitting in their basement chatting for a bit and I looked over at Ava stretched out lying on my mom and I thought, "When in the world did she get so big??" They each picked out a little pumpkin at this neighborhood thing my mom took them to before the pizza party. They got candy and of course I heard them get up this morning and get their baggies of candy, go back in their room and shut the door. I went in about 15 minutes later and sure enough...M&Ms for breakfast...oh well! They are content.

I had fun at my Pajama Party: had pizza, junk food and a bunch of laughs. For reasons I no longer remember I ended up telling everyone about the time I stubbed my toe and broke it and then scratched my cornea with my fingernail when high on vicodin... I do like to make people laugh, so even though my ear turned bright red and I said I was embarrassed, really I was just nervous... One woman made a delicious Chocolate Cream Pie!! Yum! Now I want to make one...

Both girls are enjoying dance tremendously. The teacher tells me after every class how GREAT Ava is doing. I stayed and watched half of Mallory's class yesterday and they are just sooo cute! They all run at the teacher and give her group hugs about 10 times in the hour long class. Precious!

At Mops this Thursday we had Spa Day. 3 people going to massage school came and gave us massages! Then we had paraffin wax for our hands and did foot soaks. A woman was painting toenails all fancy with polka dots, but I ran out of time... We had a yogurt bar, oatmeal bar and coffee bar! Next week I have to provide an egg dish, so I better figure out what I am going to bring.

This Wednesday was McTeacher's night at our McD's. The teachers worked to raise money for our school. So, we went and had dinner and it was cool to see Ava's teacher taking our order...and to see a bunch of classmates! It was LOUD in there though...I think everyone walked out of there with a little ear damage!

So I was going to tell you about Ava's Book Buddies. The 6th graders pair up with Kindergarteners and they read books to them. Ava's 2 buddies, Olivia and Carl, also happened to be Students of the Month when Ava at the breakfast they said hi to her and Olivia gave her a hug. Ever since then, when Carl sees Ava after school outside he says hi to her. The 6th graders made cards for the K's and I am now going to describe Ava's:

Olivia's card to Ava says "Thank you!! :) :)" on the front. She drew a red flower on the inside and wrote, "Thank you, Ava!! You're the best!! From: your Bookbuddie Olivia"

Carl's card to Ava says "Good job Ava" on the front with a drawing of a heart butterfly and some kind of fish/eel/snake looking thing with hearts on the antennae. Inside it says, "Your the star of this card! Have a good year! From Carl" On the back he drew a red heart.

There were identical twin brothers in the other K class and they came to school every day with the SAME outfits, so the teachers decided to split them up. Ava was telling me all about it and I asked her if they were twins like our friends Ellery & Oliver and she said, "Yes, but their FACES look EXACTLY the SAME." She thinks it's the most amazing thing...

I have the Sex and the City movie to watch tonight...I am looking forward to it. Justin told me he would NOT watch it, but then when it arrived in the mail this week he said, "I suppose I have to watch this with you..." and it almost sounded like he wasn't too broken up about it. LOL I told him I got it for when he was in Moab, so he was off the hook.


Jennifer said...

We did a program like that in 7th grade, since we also had kindergarten at our junior high (don't ask me why!). My buddy was almost always absent, though.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all are doing GREAT. Hope you had a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Did you enjoy S & the C?

Aunt Suzanne