Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to the Grind

Justin survived Moab and made it back home safely, albeit SORE. He said that every part of his body hurts. Couldn't lift his arm to get it out of his t-shirt last night without pain. He and his teammates discussed going back next year and I think it was an unanimous No. Maybe in a couple years, but a day race would be cool to compete in. Apparently there were some HARDcore bikers out there. Guys who would continually do lap after lap without a did they have the energy and when did they eat?? Six Million Dollar Men (and women)? We are glad Justin is home- in one piece!

I had a migraine on Saturday and felt nauseous and out of sorts until this morning. Now I have mega mountains of laundry- clean and dirty- to deal with. Is it sad that I am looking forward to it? My alarm went off at 7 this morning and each time I hit snooze it's 9 minutes. But those 9 minutes always seemed like 1 minute. We finally drug ourselves out of bed at 5 til 8 and I managed to get Ava to school on time. We are usually the first ones there in the morning. That right there is a miracle as I am sure many of you will attest to since I am usually Late... SEE- I really CAN be on time when it matters most!

Well, I better get going on that laundry.

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