Monday, October 6, 2008

A Big Blur

Things lately have been a big blur. BIG-O Blur. Essentially, I spent 2 full weekends hiding out in our bedroom while Justin tried to give the girls some kind of normalcy. Last weekend I sat on the couch most of Saturday and FINALLY on Sunday I was able to do stuff with mini-breaks every 15 minutes. I quit using the inhaler of Albuterol the dr gave me because it was making me vomit. Lovely. Out of the past 8 days, my left ear has been completely plugged for 7 of them. I feel like I haven't really been there for my kids in my constant coughing and nose blowing condition and I also haven't finished buying, let alone mailed their cousin Keira's birthday present. Talk about WAY late. I apologize. During the week- just getting the girls to and from school and activities took all of my energy. There was none leftover for a quick trip to the store for food. Justin was my gopher. He's also getting ready for Moab- check out his team's page El Chupacabras. I shouldn't have clicked on the Skull Session I am going to be worried! Oy! I can't find anything on the site about the live stats...perhaps just go to that page on that weekend?

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Judy Berceau said...

Click on the home page and then on the webcast. It said it would be active this weekend. Thanks Amy! I will be watching!! Go Justin GO!!!