Monday, March 9, 2009

Survived the Week & Weekend

Mallory picked up a nasty virus and was sickly all weekend. Fever, coughing up gunk, runny & stuffy nose... Poor kid. She is feeling better today- still has the symptoms, but no fever. Whew. Usually I read in bed at night, but I read such intense books sometimes that lately I have been just doing crossword puzzles to turn my mind off. Especially with the anxiety that a sick kid brings me- I don't need to be reading about father's suicides and mental illnesses, etc... Think I need some uplifting Chick Lit soon...or more crosswords. My hands are cracked and painful since I've been washing my hands like a lunatic for 2 days. I cannot get sick while Justin is in China.

Speaking of China- he is having a blast and totally wants to move there. JUST KIDDING!!!! He ate "duck skin 'tacos'" the other day... Yesterday he ate jellyfish which he described as crunchy and slimy at the same time. He thought it was some sort of vegetable and probably wouldn't have eaten it if he had known what it was before putting it in his mouth. Yesterday at lunch, they brought out a plate of eggs. Justin said they looked like hardboiled eggs. A woman they were with said they were a Nanjing specialty. Essentially they were steamed eggs that have baby chicks inside. His co-worker could not watch the Chinese men eat them and Justin barely saw the balled up chick inside...legs, body, head, beak. That, my friends, is NASTY.

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poet said...

found you through a book that is open. looking forward to reading more. perhaps joining together on FB? hugz, poet, aka mwriter.