Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My kids don't understand the depth of how cool it is to Skype with their dad who is in China. After school it is Justin's morning there- 15 hours apart right now, so got to chat before he got ready for the day. He "got to" try a new drink there- warm corn juice. He drank about half the cup before he was sick of it and his co-worker took one sip and that was enough for him. LOL Sounds kind of gross to me.

Today and yesterday we had 75 degree weather. The girls have set aside time themselves so they can play in the backyard before Ava has to be at school in the morning.

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Judy Berceau said...

I loved the interview!! Might have to get on that Facebook. Everyone is talking about it. And its great that you can see Justin in China. Here I was going to call you last weekend. Didn't know he was going to China. Did it come up quickly? And also have seen your weather is warmer there than in FL!!! WOW! We should spend the winters in CO.