Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I added some pictures of the girls' room. Justin painted it pink for them. We moved their beds and cleaned (well of course the pictures don't reflect that!) and voila. Pink Princess Paradise. Now I just need some wallies.

Last night Ava whacked her face on the dresser- they were supposed to be going to bed, but were talking and goofing around on their beds in the dark. She has a bump and bruise next her her left eye. Ouch!! Then at dance today, Mallory bonked heads with another girl and has a red mark right by HER left eye.

It snowed. Most of it has melted. It might snow again. Who knows.


Dianne said...

Wow!! What a change for them! It really brightens up the room!

Wendy P said...

Love the room! Cute little lamps they have!

Judy Berceau said...

Like your room Girls!! Very pretty!