Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holidays are O.V.E.R...

but I am going to probably make another batch of Kolaches this weekend. I only left my parents with 3 of them...and they deserve more than that. For the people who wouldn't even taste don't know what you are missing.

We had a pleasant NYEve. Went over to my parents' house to do our Christmas...opened presents and then ate spaghetti. My dad got an ice cream maker for Cmas, so we had some yummy Chocolate Mint ice cream for dessert. I could have sat and talked until midnight, but Ava was tired and not feeling too well, so we headed home with enough time to get them to bed and watch the movie "Outsourced."

Justin got some biking clothes for Cmas, so he is off on his first ride of the year...on Green Mountain. South Table Top was too muddy a few days ago when he went.

I am going to make a Mexican fiesta for dinner tonight-some kind of Tacos, Cilantro/Lime Rice, beans and of course Guacamole...if the avocados are ripe...that's always a bummer when you are jonesing for Guac and all of the avocados at the store are rock hard.

Other plans for the day- I am sure the girls (well at least Ava) will remain in their pjs all day. They are currently playing their stuffed kittys my sister got them. They have a bunch of games and puzzles to work on. I want to read my book, write a little and maybe escape to the bedroom to watch a movie on my laptop. Thank you Netflix On Demand!!

So get this- on Cmas Eve- Justin and I were stuffing the stockings and setting out Santa's gifts to the girls and Ava's Sleeping Beauty Magic Wand Walking Horse walked ONE TIME and then BROKE. I was so sad.. Ava seemed ok the next day, but we promised her we'd exchange it (luckily we are smart enough to tell her that Santa buys his toys at Target instead of the elves making them all like back in the olden days...LOL). So, I went to Target yesterday and there weren't any on the shelf! A popular item ORRRRRRRRR are they discontinuing the damn thing- based on the reviews I read this morning, we aren't the only ones that have a bunk horse-

This toy was a huge disappointment. I ordered it for my daughter for Christmas. In order to hide "Santa" gifts, I threw away the box and shipping information a month or so before Christmas. BIG MISTAKE. When my husband and I got it out on Christmas Eve, we discovered that the horse did not walk at all. It makes the walking noise, but does not walk. We tried to convince our daughter (she's 3) that the horse was supposed to be that way. She was not fooled. Now I'm stuck with a $40 piece of junk horse and a disappointed daughter. She thinks Santa's elves should make her another one and that Santa should re-deliver. I might consider sinking in another $40, but every review I've read sounds terrible. I'm afraid I'll have $80 invested in broken horses. Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.

My daughter LOVED this thing - for the 10 minutes it lasted. Like the other reviewer, ours has that gear clicking sound and nothing happens. She is so disappointed. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

The horse never walked! When we turned it on, all it did was make constant loud clicking noises in its rear legs like it was skipping a gear. We're returning it to Target the day after Christmas I guess...After we explain to our 4 year old that the toy she really wanted for Christmas fell out of Santa's sleigh and broke!

Of course OUR dilemma is that we threw away the packaging. Now what? I think Justin is going to call Mattel tomorrow... Ava is ok with going to Target to pick something else out. Whew...



Wendy P said...

We are spending the day in our pj's too! Nice to just lounge. You sound VERY ambitious with your Mexican supper! Sounds yummy! Is it actually warm enough there to go biking!? Wow!

Wendy P said...

We are spending the day in our pj's too! Nice to just lounge. You sound VERY ambitious with your Mexican supper! Sounds yummy! Is it actually warm enough there to go biking!? Wow!

Anonymous said...

hey I was in my jammies all day, too. Good times for sure. sucky about the horse, but sounds like Ava was understanding. I am happy to hear that Santa loves Target as much as we do. :)