Friday, December 5, 2008

So I took my last antibiotic last night and after the girls' bath Mallory felt warm and was shivering. 102 fever all day...took her to the doctor and it's strep. Poor kid...although she doesn't seem as miserable as I was.

The girls are writing their holiday cards to their teachers. I bought seasonal foam stickers they are decorating them with as well. I've got our pictures already, so need to start our cards this weekend.

I am definitely making Chex Mix again this year... Nichole- you better eat it with me when we are there (if you are reading!), but I still need to figure out what else to make- sweet-wise. I only want to make a couple...3 at the most...different kinds. Don't want to go OVERboard. Oh I know one of them has to be chocolate and sprinkle dipped pretzel rods. Ok, that leaves me with 2 more...ideas?

Tomorrow is Justin's work's party for kids... Hopefully they are both ok to go by then. ***crossing fingers***

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Judy Berceau said...

Your making me think about food and treats at Christmas. Sounds good!! How is Mallory doing? I sure hope you guys can kick that bug!!