Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finally proud to be an American again...

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk;
Martin walked so Obama could run;
Obama ran so our children could FLY"

I can't tell you how RELIEVED that there will not be 4 more years of the same 8 we just endured. Clearly, America spoke and THANKFULLY our democratic election WORKED!

In other news:
A certain airline canceled our flight to AZ and put us on an earlier one. While not life-threatening, it did kind of put a kink in our schedule. We are attending Q's wedding this weekend and while it will be fun to socialize and help them celebrate, Justin and I are looking to relax and kind of celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, which is next Monday. Our marriage survived the Bush administration- only because Justin and I are on the same team... LOL

The girls had a wonderful Halloween weekend with Grandma Judy. The weather was beautiful. Now they are looking forward to a weekend with my parents.

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