Friday, July 11, 2008


We have Sunday morning available to visit with Grandpa & Grandma Paulsen, so we hope they are available then... I don't have anyone's am announcing it to the world.

The girls woke up this morning and before they left their room they had packed their backpacks. I'll have to go through them sometime today to make sure that Mallory isn't trying to bring every single stuffed animal she owns...

Justin has his list of things to do and I have my list of things to do and pack...and if all is accomplished by bedtime tonight we will be ready to roll in the early morning dark on Saturday.
One thing I was concerned about is the life jackets that the girls have been using. I am not sure if they will still fit...since they are in MN I can't look and see...I am not even sure who has them.
Things that make you go Hmmm.

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Judy Berceau said...

The life jackets are at Joel & Nicholes. I think they still fit at least Mallary. I know we had a life jacket that was a little bigger then the ones you used. So that should fit Ava. So I think you are covered. If not we will buy one somewhere.